Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011

Escape to Paradise

        One month before my departure to the USA, I decided to resign from my job. I planned to take a vacation before I went far from Indonesia. I talked with my best friend about travelling to several regions in Indonesia. Having resigned from my job on June 27, 2011, I went to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, that was two hours flight from Medan. I think it is my time to get an awesome adventure.

        Jakarta is a very crowded city. Congestion is a major problem in the city that has more than seven million citizens. Pollution and crime are also a major concern here. I stayed at my cousin's house there for two days before I traveled to another place. I only visited Jakarta for two days, waiting for my friend. I dont like crowded areas. So Jakarta is not my favourite place to visit.

        Finally, I left Jakarta to the island of paradise, Bali  island  . I used a Gamya taxi to Soekarno-hatta airport. It cost me aroung 50,000 IDR (about $5). I liked Air Asia plane departure terminal at Soekarno-Hatta airport, because the terminal was very nice and modern compared to other aircraft departure terminals. While waiting for the departure, I took time to take some photos at the airport before heading to Bali. Then, after waiting several hours, my best friend and I went to Bali, my favourite island for tourists. 

        Flight time was very awesome. I talked to a lot with my best friend about our backpacking travel plans for nearly a month. During the trip, the pilot lowered the plane and announced that the plane was located right above the mountain Bromo, one of the famous volcano on Java island. My friend, who does photography as a hobby, immediately took out his DLSR camera to take pictures of the mountains. It was a wonderful view! Then, we were ready to land at Ngurah-Rai airport, Bali.

        "Welcome to Bali." I was really happy to go back to Bali for the second time. I planned to explore more areas that I had not explored on my first visit in 2009., such as Bratan temple and Uluwatu. Then, we hired a taxi to go to Legian-kuta Bali, in the middle of Poppies Lane. Poppies Lane is a favourite area for local and foreign backpackers because there are many cheap hotels which are located very close to Kuta beach, the most famous beach in Bali.(cheap accomodation in Poppies Lane, Bali) Well, my great journey began. Backpacker Go!

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