Kamis, 03 November 2011

E-book VS Paper-book

The traditional media tools are still used by people, yet the digital media will be an important part of communication for today and the future. Once Clay Shirky said,” It is the people who figure out how to work simply in the present, rather than the people who mastered the complexities of the past, who get to say what happens in the future.” Furthermore, one of digital media which become a byword nowadays is “e-reader.” Based on Wikipedia, An e-reader, also called e-book, is an electronic tool that is created for reading text and images in a digital book. It has a quite similar design to a tablet computer, such as has a touch-screen and a faster screen capable of higher refresh rates. That screen makes the battery life longer, so users will feel more comfortable to use it. However, the trend of digital media like e-reader will affect people life style in getting information.
Some people said an e-book will replace a role of a classic book as a source of data. It is because of e-book’s advantages which are giving a better impact for people in reading. An e-book is super-portable; easy to take it everywhere. The storage abilities of most e-books allow readers to carry some reading materials. If the readers have a storage card, it is possible for them to take at least a dozen books, without feeling heavy. An e-book also is very readable because the electronic format gives readers more benefits than a traditional paper book. For example, it provides zoom functions and letter resizing. Also, an e-book can be read in a variety of lighting situations. Readers can set it in a low, high, or even no light situation, depends on the readers’ place to read. So, does the e-book give more advantages than paper book for readers in this era?
Before trying to answer that question, people should know about the disadvantages of the e-reader. It has some cons that become their limitation in offering information. E-book is the electronic device which needs a battery, and the battery has a limited power to operate the e-book. Furthermore, an e-book also is a sensitive electronic tool. People must be more careful to use it to avoid damage because of falling down. Compared to the e-book, the paper book gives more feeling when people read it too. Here, it proves that these two media have pros and cons in using it.
The digital media will take part of human life for getting information, such as e-book. This new electronic tool gives a lot of convenience in portability and readability. Besides the advantages, there are a few of disadvantages of the e-reader, like the battery power, the feeling, and the sensitivity of the device. In conclusion, both of an e-book and a paper book give a choice for readers to find easier way to gain information.

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